Things you actually NEED to buy

Well, not need, most of them are pretty unnecessary items, but they are just so cool! Click on this post to see the list.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 5.14.18 PM

  1. This Pizza Necklace
  2. This Strawberry Scented Pop Tart Keyring
  3. This LEGO Bracelet
  4. Scented Cinnamon Roll Earrings
  5. Glitter Unicorn Makeup Bag
  6. These Chocolate Brownie Charms
  7. Gold Flamingo iPhone Case

Note that the Gold Flamingo Phone case comes in lots of different sizes for different phone models. I’ve attached the link to the iPhone 6 one, as that’s what lots of people seem to have.

8. Double Decker Purple & Teal Lunchbox

9. Drake Hotline Bling Wrapping Paper

10. A Mug Made From LEGO Bricks

11. Smiley Poop Emoji Pillow💩

12. Dog Selfie Smartphone Attachment

13. Snapchat Backpack

14. A Bag of Lucky Charms Marsmallows

15. Melting Cat Candle

The melting cat candle starts as a normal candle shaped like a cat, but features a cat skeleton made of metal inside. When burnt, the wax will peel away, revealing the skeleton. 

16. 3D Latex Unicorn Mask

17. Toilet Mini Golf

18. Thumb Wrestling Ring

19. Glow in the Dark Duct Tape

20. Snapchat Plushie

21. Self-Tying Water Balloons

Thanks for Checking out this list!

Be sure to leave a comment and follow me, because I’ll be posting more 😀



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