More Awesome Things To Buy


Okay. So I have made a post like this before. Since it was the most popular post on the whole site, I’ve decided to make this updated version, with even more items. 

  1. This Sriracha Keychain will mean you’ll never have to face boring food again
  2. Pokemon Monopoly so you can take the classic game to a whole new level
  3. A Gummy Candy Maker to experiment with different shapes and flavors
  4. This 3D Printing Pen to create your own drawings which you can hold!
  5. The NYX Vault Set because every makeup addict needs to own 36 colors
  6. A Mermaid Tail Blanket which, by the way, is available in 44 colors!
  7. Plush Organs so you can quite literally put your heart in your hands
  8. Skwooshi Kinetic Sand to help you become one of those trending sand poking videos
  9. An LED Phone Case to show everyone how you’re feeling
  10. This Crocodile Dentist Game which provides fun for all ages
  11. The “Who’s Most Likely To” Card Game to play with your best friends
  12. A Make Your Own Nail Polish Kit so you can choose your own nail looks
  13. The “F In Exams” Book to show you how terrible some test responses are
  14. Gummy Bear Lights which are so adorable!


This post will be regularly updated. Go check out my last post , too. 


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